Please note enrolment for the year 2025, i.e students who have just commenced first class in Primary School Sept. 2019, will take place on Monday 07th October 2019 between 09.00a.m. and 16.00p.m.  All applications received on the day will be entered into a draw and numbered in the order of which they are drawn.  There are two categories: Category 1 is for siblings of students already in the school or who have previously attended and completed their secondary education here and also sons of Past Pupils who completed their secondary education here.  Category 2 is for students who don’t meet the criteria for Category 1.  Draws will take place in both categories. Please bring a stamped addressed envelope, a copy of your sons birth certificate and his PPS number.  A full copy of the Admissions Policy is available on the website under the Policies section.  Please note that due to impending legislation being considered by the government, these terms of enrolment could change.  We will advise on the website if and when such changes occur.