The following arrangements are in place for all students commencing exams tomorrow Wed 6th June 2018

  • Please present at the school canteen at 09.00a.m. Wednesday 6th June 2018 (You do not need to wear your uniform)
  • If you are bringing a bag, please leave it in Room 006 for the duration of the exam.  The room will be locked and guarded for the duration of each exam. (Student lockers are not available for use during the exams)
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited from the exam centre.  You may leave your phone in the main office before each exam and collect it again afterwards
  • Please check in the canteen for your centre number.  This will be displayed on the partition wall in the canteen.  Proceed to your centre at 09.15a.m. (located in the Sports Hall)
  • 6th Years – Please collect “Candidate Information Booklet” provided by the State Exam Commission, from the main office.  This contains important information regarding viewing of scripts in September.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our  candidates the best of luck with their exams