A group of six fifth year students recently competed in the Ehealth ‘Digital Natives’ competition in Dublin Castle. Their outstanding project achieved a finalist position in the senior category of the national event.

The students involved were:

Reece Ronan, Conor Kelly, Pearse O’Neill, Jack Lawlor, Killaian Taylor and Lochlann Megannety. The brief was to imagine how healthcare would look in 2030 in response to IT developments.
Their pitch:
“We are proposing that every school in Ireland will have a digital model of their school by 2030. The function of this model will be to continually reimagine and redesign the school with the aim of improving the health and well-being of our community. The 3 Dimensional designs will be the starting point for physical changes within the school. The modifiable model will be made available to all members of the school community. The fusion of digital technology and health is manifested both in the use of IT to reimagine the space through the brief of improved well-being for our community and through the use of IT within the school to improve the learning experience in 2030”


The students worked in their own time on their submission using a server which they developed for out-of-school online connectivity. At the finals of the event, the students paired up with an expert mentor to push their ideas to the limit. The final presentiaton of the work involved the creation of a virtual reality 360 degree video pitch in which the students refined and modified the proposals.


The school is deeply proud of these students and a larger group is now working towards the creation of a scale model of the full school and all of its surroundings in Minecraft which will be used for various purposes by the school community.These students include:

Josh Downes  Eoghan McCann  Caelan Jackson  Harry Black   Daniel Walker  Joe Walker  Cillian Rei Kai Griffiths  Tadhg O’Toole  Sean McKenna  Gerard McKendry  Eoin Haughey  Eoin McEvoy  Alex Moore

Luke Cunningham


If you would like to view the work of our group click the link below:



To read more about the ideas of the students read the pdf attached:


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