The Parents Association have invited a guest speaker, Mr. Wayne Denner to speak to you the parents on Tuesday 10th October @ 7.30 in the School Canteen.  Mr. Denner will be giving a presentation entitled “Growing Up in the Digital World”  Some of our students will also be giving a presentation on “Positive Aspects of the Digital Age.   These will be very informative presentations and will aid you in helping your son to overcome any problems he may experience as a result of social media and digital technology.  The presentations will be followed by the Parents Assoc. AGM.  We look forward to welcoming you all on the night.


Wayne Denner

Wayne motivates young people to protect themselves online and become more employable.  Wayne inspires and motivates students to protect and take control of their online lives and maximise their individual talent in today’s digital world.  Wayne tells his story and provides sound advice on becoming more employable using social networks and your smartphone.

Wayne speaks to Parents, Educators & Professionals on helping kids grow up in a digital world.  He speaks to thousands of young people and parents too on Online Reputation, Cyberbullying, Technology, Employability and Confidence and Motivation and is releasing his first book on The Students Guide to an Epic Online Reputation, .

For young people who live in a world where their CV in now their Online Presence, it is vital to understand how they can be proactive in shaping their futures.  Whether it be getting into University or securing the perfect job, their Online Reputation matters.  For parents, this knowledge is key to helping their children and understanding how Online Reputation affects the whole family.  Wayne is particularly skilled in reaching all age groups and his passion for passing on his considerable knowledge is contaigous