The green schools committee in Pres Bray have been working tirelessly as a community to encourage and nurture green awareness within our school cohort and to extend these values into their local communities. While working towards the criteria for a Green Flag, they have sought to broaden their goals. In the development of cross-curricular links and out-of-class activities they have been working on an art project exploring issues relating to green awareness and their global consequences.

They have been trying to explore the concepts of global interdependence and intergenerational equality through the lens of materials and energy usage, waste, litter and recycling. They have explored the role of personal responsibility and that relationship to the greater world context. They have looked at causes and consequences and even explored the links between litter, waste, emissions, global warming and conflict. This has led students to make fascinating comparisons between World Wars, the Syrian Refugee crisis and obliteration of cities such as Homs, popular culture references such as Mad Max or city of men and video games including Fallout or Wasteland. They have also collaborated with 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World around facts relating to sustainability and consumption.

Having completed lengthy research around the issues, students began to envisage ways to give form to their growing interest in green awareness. While 2d, screen-based and 3d art forms were considered as a vehicle to express the intentions of the students, they settled on a sculptural form. The sculpture has morphed and evolved in progress in response to the ever-inquisitive nature of the students involved. Essentially, they have created a pyramidal mountain (human sized) with a pipe wrapped around and through it. The pipe is a metaphor for West/East, North/South and Urban/Rural consumption and dumping patterns and the associated values and consequences. The mountain is then the result of this dumping and it forms the stage for a human battle for survival (made with mainly reclaimed wiring). The apex of the mountain hosts a single tree and swallow which towers above and out of reach of the clamor of human existence. The swallow flying from the tree is the last symbol of hope in the dystopian landscape created.

The students hope to exhibit the sculpture in the local area after its exhibition in the school to meet its aim of advocacy within the local community. The school is deeply proud of all involved and would like to thank the green schools committee for its total commitment to the attainment of the flag and the goals and values associated with the attainment of that aim.

GreenSchoolProject – blog 01 March 2016

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